Three Hundred Zeros

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Three Hundred Zeros, an especially entertaining narrative of the Appalachian Trail, is surging in book sales. This notable trail memoir was penned by Dennis Blanchard. Wow, I thought I had alot of trials and tribulations along the way on the Appalachian Trail. But this here fellow required three hundred zero days to get the ship to port. The reason is that he had an emergency sextuple bypass operation.

Obviously, a lot of people identify with the story because Dennis’ sales now number well into the thousands. Only Bill Bryson’s famous narrative, A Walk in the Woods, consistently outsells it. And the best may be yet to come. Dennis is beginning to develop audiences in the United Kingdom and Germany. That’s all to the good, if you like a little international flair on the Appalachian Trail (which I very much do). The more people who take to the trail, the better off the world will be. And Dennis’ book is clearly stimulating people–heart patients and non-patients alike–to hoist their backpacks and taste the Appalachian Trail’s unique brand of liberation.

One can download his book on Kindle for just $4.95. Hey, that’s about what a gallon of gas costs, right? You’ll sure as heck remember the purchase more fondly.

Congratualations, Dennis. And good luck on El Camino de Santiago this summer. We look forward to another roller-coaster tale from you.

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