Chicago Pits

bill-walker-chicago-pitsChris Parker has heard tales of vast fortunes being made in the Chicago commodities business. The near seven-foot-tall Alabaman has a freakish ability to make fast numerical calculations, helping him get promoted to floor broker.

A Wild West atmosphere reigns on the Chicago Commodities Exchange (CCE) trading floor; rail-thin Chris gets bludgeoned. He complicates things by becoming enthralled with a tiny female trader, and begins trading with her across the gigantic U.S. Treasury-Index Pit. His Pit neighbors become violent over all the juice getting away.

Chris unexpectedly learns of a ghastly plot by the CCE to give a large bribe to a powerful U.S. Congressman. Then he finds out why…the Exchange fears an electronictrading system will end the bonanza of floor trading. When Chris takes action, he begins to fear elements of the old Chicago are readying to doom him.