Jennifer Pharr Davis (Odyssa) and Scott Williamson

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Jennifer Pharr Davis broke the women’s record on the Appalachain Trail in 2008. It took her 57 days. This year (The 2011 hiking season) she smashed the men’s record as well, taking on ly 46 days and 11 hours. Unbelievable.

Scott Williamson broke the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) record in 2009. UNSUPPORTED, he did it in 65 days. Olympian-like feat as those of us who have hiked the PCT know.

Who could break their records? Objectively, the only person who could break Davis’ (Odyssa’s) AT record is Scott Williamson. Likewise, Odyssa is probably the only mortal with a chance of breaking Williamson’s record.

Perhaps they should make a lady and gentleman’s bet. Personally, I’d be pulling for both of them to break the other’s record. Sounds a bit anarchic huh!

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