Interest in financial books because 54% of Americans exposed to stock market

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Financial professionals like to act like the average American is financially illiterate. While they might not be experts, people are increasingly aware of the stock market. Between 401(k) plans, retirement plans, profit-sharing, etc., along with speculators, over half of Americans have exposure to the stock market.

The Bonfire of the Vanities was perhaps the most renowned book of the 1980’s; it told a tawdry tale of corruption on Wall Street. The Wolf of Wall Street was a smashing success. Michael Lewis, has had great popular success as a bestelling author telling tales full of anecdotes in the financial world.

Now Bill Walker, author of the Skywalker hiking series, has begun to sell his new novel, Chicago Pits. It is a story of savagery and corruption on Chicago’s renowned commodities trading floors.


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