Books on El Camino de Santiago

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There are more German pilgrims on El Camino de Santiago than any other nationality. That is probably because of the popular book by German comedian, Hape Kerkeling. It’s called, I’m Off Now, and sold 3,000,000 copies just in Germany. Before its publication, there were more French pilgrims. There are also many Italian bycicle riders on El Camino. Catholic nations such as Ireland and Poland are well represented, as well. Latin Americans are beginning to come to the Camino as well, especially Brazilians after well-known writer, Paulo Coelho published a book on the Camino. Perhaps the biggest surprise was that there weren’t more British. I guess that tells you that I underestimated their loyalty to Henry VIII, Catherine Aragon, and the Church of England!

Books that might interest potential pilgrims are The Camino by Shirley MacLaine, and Off the Road by Jack Hitt. A person considering walking the entire Camino also might consider some Appalachian Trail books to get a taste for the struggle. Skywalker–Close Encounters on the Appalachain Trail, AWOL on the Appalachian Trail by David Miller, and Three Hundred Zeroes by Dennis Blanchard are all popular.

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