Bad Weather on the Appalachian Trail

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Surely, many of you are wondering how in the world the Appalachian Trail hikers fared in last night’s epic storm. Of course, most AT thru-hikers are now in Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina which were all in the bulls-eye of the storm. Alot of people are probably traipsing through Great Smoky Mountain National Park right now. That would seem perilous, except for one favorable aspect. The shelters in the Smokies have been renovated. Many of them are made of cement and very sturdy.

Of course, many thru-hikers have passed the Smokies. Where were they? It is worth remembering that there are many bailout points in those first two states. So hikers with any inkling of what was to come, might have been able to get out in time.

But surely many lay in their tents and in rickety old wooden shelters fearing for their lives. All I can say is kudos. It will make your books better when you decide to write your memoirs. Hopefully, everybody (and their equipment) is intact, and can tell us at the Trail Days Festival in Damascus about the night of April 27th, 2011 on the Appalachian Trail.

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