Amazon Travel Books Department Recommends Appalachian Trail and ‘The Best Way–El Camino de Santiago’

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Are you looking for something in our Travel Books department? If so, you might be interested in these items.

The Best Way: El Camino de Santiago
by Bill Walker

List Price: $12.95
Price: $11.65
You Save: $1.30 (10%)

Skywalker–Close Encounters on the Appalachian Trail
by Bill Walker

Price: $9.95

Walk in a Relaxed Manner: Life Lessons from the Camino
by Joyce Rupp

List Price: $17.00
Price: $11.56
You Save: $5.44 (32%)

Camino de Santiago: To Walk Far, Carry Less
by Jean-Christie Ashmore

Price: $24.95

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