Amazon Prime Members Can Upload Skywalker–Highs and Lows on the Pacific Crest Trail (2010) for Free

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Amazon Prime members can upload Skywalker–Highs and Lows on the Pacific Crest Trail (2010) for free on Kindle. This book is a look at Bill Walker´s thru-hike attempt of the 2,663 mile Pacific Crest Trail. This national scenic trail is renowned in the hiking community for its stunning beauty. It begins at the California-Mexico border, and hikers spend their first 700 miles in the desert. Then hikers enter the so-called High Sierra, which includes the highest points on the entire American mainland. Snow levels are critical to a hiker´s success; thru-hikers are forced to familiarize themselves with ice-axes, as well as bear canisters.

Walker´s trail name was Skywalker, due to his near 7-foot height. This proved problematic on the PCT as he was forced to carry a two-person tent. He also lost 43 pounds, leading some hikers to tell him he looked outright ¨ scary¨.

Appalachian Trail hikers are heading in droves to do the Pacific Crest Trail. What surprised Walker and so many other hikers is how different the Pacific Crest Trail proved to be from the Appalachian Trail.

Cheryl Strayed has written a bestselling narrative, Wild, about her hike on a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail. Walker has communicated with Strayed (see his blog) and strongly recommends her book. Hers is a different story from his–much more spiritual. Walker´s story is told from the point of view of an individual unfamiliar with the terrain of the American West and struggling to the point of obsession to make it to the Canadian border before winter. The Pacific Crest Trail ultimately proved to be a game-changer for both Strayed and Walker.

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